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Weddings Along with being romantic a wedding video should be entertaining and tell a very complete and personal story. Many studios produce video that is little more than a series of wedding day events with no story to tie everything together. Others create video that is expensive and overproduced. These have no personal touch and do not display close to the heart moments that could make the video unique. The best service that we can perform for our clients is to get to know them prior to the wedding day. This helps enable us to be sensitive in seeking the right little things to record. The wedding day story goes beyond exchanging rings, cutting the cake, the first dance, and so on. Bride and groom and family and friends express their joy in a multitude of personal ways throughout the day. By being observant, perceptive, and diligent we capture so many special moments that will warm the heart. In our style we make sure that we record happenings that would be otherwise missed or that happened too fast to become a part of your recollection. Our productions will bring you back to your wedding day in ways that you would never have anticipated! Disappointing a client is not an option. We take care of technical issues that can negatively affect quality like lighting and poor audio sources. We routinely have back up systems in place. Whatever is necessary to ensure cinematic quality we will do! Extra effort is part of our normal game day plan. We stay alert, attentive, and on top of our game from the start of your day until the very last wonderful minute! Another very important factor is that we conduct ourselves like guests! We don't disrupt your day and we don't walk around like outsiders. People see us as a natural part of the wedding day, like another guest, so there is no pretense or shyness around our cameras. More than one past client has referred to us as "family for the day." In fact, a high percentage of our yearly weddings are the result of repeat bookings for families. The attention to detail continues through the editing process. The videographer and editor is usually one and the same person. This is great because having been at the wedding this person has so many eyewitness insights to bring into the edit. We carefully go through every bit of video and audio to make sure we include anything that can touch your emotions or your funny bone. We make certain that every video has the look of grand cinema without ever losing track of what will make the video very personal. We’d welcome the opportunity to raise your expectations for your wedding video. If contracted then it would be our plan to exceed those raised expectations and make your wedding video one of your very best wedding day decisions and a dream come true!       Thank you,  Len La Penna             
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