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Home Movies FROM 8mm & 16mm to Disc: Single reels of 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm  movie film are about fifty feet in length. These measure about three inches in diameter and usually play for just over three minutes. Twenty reels (1000 feet) equates to about an hour of video. People who took the time to spice their movies together usually did so to 400 (about 5 inches) or 600 (about 7 inches) foot reels. When Envisioned Video performs the transfer, we will look for "unwatchable" spots. These usually occurred when there was either too much or not enough light. When we see these, we leave them off of the video. We try to make your video better in other ways, too. For example, lots of people used to record movies out the side window of their car while doing 55 MPH! We throw moments such as these into slow motion making them much easier on the eyes. Finally, we will add an enjoyable soundtrack to replace the ticking of a projector.
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