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Recording of All Types of Events: Each unique event comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Often the challenges are in the form of dealing with lighting and audio. We learn as much as possible about every location and set up involved with an event. For some events we may need to link into sound systems. This is especially important at any event involving amplified sound. At some events only a portion of the audio comes from an amplified source and we must take measures to obtain the other portion via placement of our own microphones. We come equipped with a large arsenal of audio equipment including wireless, lavilier, and boom microphones. In some cases we also make use of high-quality digital audio recorders as back up sources for audio. We come equipped with lighting options to handle just about any environment. We have studio lighting available for interviews, etc. While some events are very straight-forward, however all events do have unique qualities, even personalities. It can be important that a videographer is able to get in touch and relate to the surroundings. Sometimes recording reaction is as important as recording the action. We are especially strong in this area. Be it a social or corporate event we can always spot the factors that make an event unique and entertaining. If we are to be involved in the editing process then it is our intention to get the job done in very few revisions. We listen carefully as clients tell us about the video that they envision. As we work on the project we will upload a proof to our website so that the client can review without coming into our studio.


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