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Sports Recording:  

Recording some sports is more challenging than others. Most can be covered by one videographer using a single camera. Baseball is perhaps the most difficult to record without a second cameraman. That does not mean it can’t be done. When recording for coaching purposes we strive to capture all the action keeping in mind to show enough of the field/court so that the formation of plays is easy to follow. We will ascertain the best available vantage point and diligently follow the action We record differently for Scout Videos. In this case, while still following the action, we focus extra on our client. We want to make sure that our camera is on our client when the action comes his/her way. One way that parents have kept their cost down is by partnering with another player’s parent. In a game like soccer, when one client is on offense and the other on defense it is not difficult to get footage that will meet both players needs. Usually it takes a minimum of four games to get enough footage to create a high impact highlight reel. After each game the client is given a DVD that displays timecode. The client can watch the game and note the timecode to tell us which scenes to include in the final production. The final presentation is given to the client on DVD and also placed online where it can be reviewed by recruiters. In some instances, in addition or in place of a game, individuals have us film a demonstration session where they display their skills. For example, for a baseball player we would record a session where the player demonstrated fielding, batting, running, and possibly pitching skills.   


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